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Helping Families Do What They Want To Do
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Brain Based Chiropractic With Advanced Healing Technologies
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Feel Better &
Improve Mobility
Increase Energy &
Elevate Your Mood
Optimize Your Brain
& Nervous System

Chiropractor Sandy UT

Are you feeling stuck by your health challenges?

  • Are you frustrated that pain is keeping you from living the life you want?
  • Do you or a loved one struggle with mental health challenges like anxiety, ADHD, depression, etc.?
  • Are you exhausted searching for answers and confused why you can’t find them?
  • Do you wish you had a doctor that took the time to understand your health condition?
  • Are you ready to find answers to your health and confidently lead your family to better health?
Best Chiropractor Near Me in Sandy, UT. White Bison Well-Being.

Our Story

The sacred Lakota legend of a White Buffalo Calf Woman (Ptesan Wi’) tells of a deity who helps the struggling people in a time of famine, teaching them holy prayers, and promising to return to restore harmony. Today, each time a white bison calf is born it signifies answered prayers, bringing a sense of hope and a sign of prosperous times to come.

Perhaps the bison’s most interesting trait is their instinctive response to a storm. Most animals flee, getting caught in the storm and risking cold shock and death. Bison band together and charge directly into the storm. Their approach reduces suffering and demonstrates their resilience and unity.

One thing is certain: storms come to us all. We have a choice to flee or face it head on.

We invite you to face your storm.

Our promise is to walk with you, offering the holistic support you need to find solutions for your most troubling concerns. May you bask in the peace, unity, resilience, hope, and abundance that comes when you take the path of the bison and face your storm.

Hear From Patients Just Like You

The White Bison Difference

How We Help You Face Your Health Storm Through Brian Based Chiropractic


Great analysis is the foundation of great results. Comprehensive structural and neurological assessments give us the objective data we need to get you started.

Brain Based

Simply put, nerves control muscles and muscles control bones. For that reason we focus on the brain and nerves to correct the cause of your symptoms.

Cutting Edge
Healing Technologies

Based on your presentation and goals, we may incorporate evidence backed FDA cleared treatments to accelerate and ensure your success.

White Bison Well-Being Helps A Variety of Physical & Mental Conditions

Chiropractor For Neurological Disorders and Neuro Improvement Near Me in Sandy, UT.
Traumatic Brain Injury
Neck Pain Treatment Near Me in Sandy, UT. Chiropractor For Neck Pain Relief.
Neck Pain
Pediatric Chiropractor For Kids Near Me in Sandy, UT. Chiropractic Care For Kids.
Childhood Development
Headaches Treatment Near Me in Sandy, UT. Chiropractor For Headache Pain Relief.
Chiropractor For AD/HD Near Me in Sandy, UT. Chiropractic Care For Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
Low Back Pain Treatment Near Me in Sandy, UT. Chiropractor For Low Back Pain Relief.
Low Back Pain
Chiropractor For Anxiety Treatment Near Me in Sandy, UT. Chiropractic Care For The Treatment of Anxiety.
Knee Pain Treatment Near Me in Sandy, UT. Chiropractor For Knee Pain Relief.
Knee Pain
Chiropractor For Addiction Recovery Near Me in Sandy, UT. Chiropractic For Addiction Relief.
Sciatica Treatment Near Me in Sandy, UT. Chiropractor For Sciatica Pain Relief.
Chiropractor For Depression Near Me in Sandy, UT. Chiropractic Care For Treatment of Depression.
Shoulder Pain Treatment Near Me in Sandy, UT. Chiropractor For Shoulder Pain Relief.
Shoulder Pain
Helping Sandy Get Well & Stay Well
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Meet Dr. Travis Arrington

Dr. Travis Arrington is a chiropractor who has been helping people achieve optimal well-being for over 7 years. He is passionate about getting to the root cause of symptoms and behaviors and providing powerful solutions to improve each person’s state of well-being and human potential.

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Chiropractor Dr. Travis Arrington of White Bison Well-Being. Best Chiropractor in Sandy, UT.
Chiropractor Dr. Rylee Yorgason of White Bison Well-Being. Best Chiropractor in Sandy, UT.

Meet Dr. Rylee Yorgason

Dr. Rylee Yorgason is a chiropractor who has been focused on helping people live a more optimal life since 2019. He is focused on helping people build healthy long term solutions, reaching a state of well-being, and living a more fulfilled life.

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What Makes White Bison So Different

Our healthcare system is broken. The medical merry-go-round is exhausting and leaves us confused, frustrated, and still sick. We want to change the healthcare system. We know that healing takes place from the “inside- out,” and that starts with a healthy brain and nervous system!

Sick care is not healthcare. Rather than reacting to each new symptom, ache, or pain, we take a proactive approach, optimizing the brain and nervous system so families can be on the offensive when it comes to illness and injury. A healthy brain and nervous system ensures every cell, tissue, bone, muscle, and organ are performing at their best.

We all know there’s a better way to live our lives, but often modern medical culture keeps us in dark, wandering around lost and confused as we search for answers. At White Bison Well-being, we’ve created an educated community who understand how to foster optimal health and well-being. We will walk alongside you and provide you with those elusive answers and support you to make the best healthcare decisions for yourself and your family.

Best Chiropractor Near Me in Sandy, UT. White Bison Well-Being.

Real People. Real Results.

Mary Crowley
Mary Crowley
The staff are very knowledgeable and listen to all your concerns. Adjustments are simple and work well. Visits are quick and the schedule is very resilient to a patients needs. Great atmosphere!!! My hip pain is almost gone and I can do things I have not been able to for years. I highly recommend this treatment and method of healing physical, mental and emotional pain.
So after going to multiple other chiropractors for years and spending thousands of dollars without much relief of my lower back and hip pain and feeling hopeless I found this place. Travis has been great to work with and has been getting me the results I have been looking for! Thanks again for everything!
Heather McCarty
Heather McCarty
I highly recommend White Bison Well-being. Everyone genuinely cares about your health and overall wellbeing.
Shannon Jessop
Shannon Jessop
Loved the atmosphere and approach to whole body well being.
Jessie Wyld
Jessie Wyld
The space is open and clean. Dr. Arrington was very thorough with my initial examination and was understanding of the current condition I was in. I felt like I had come to the right place, as the program designed for me was encompassing from all angles of health.
Becka Ruble
Becka Ruble
I came in only because I wanted my ears popped that didnt happen, but sparked a fire to finsh cleaning up the mess.

How the Better Results Faster Plan Works

Stop masking the symptoms and get to the root cause of the problem

Schedule Your New Patient Exam

Schedule Your New Patient Exam

Set up a time so you and your doctor can do a thorough history and examination to determine the root cause of your pain.

Get A Customized Corrective Care Plan

Get A Customized Corrective Care Plan

Your doctor will create a custom corrective care plan to not only get you out of pain fast but to keep you out of pain long term.

Enjoy The Healthy Life You Want To Live

Enjoy The Healthy Life You Want To Live

Receive the care you need to regain your health and live pain free so you can get back to spending your time the way you want.

(385) 308-1047Schedule Appointment

How Does White Bison Well-Being Help You Achieve Measurable Results & Lasting Relief

Chiropractic Adjustments Near Me in Sandy, UT. The Best Chiropractic Care.
Chiropractor For Neurological Disorders and Neuro Improvement Near Me in Sandy, UT.
Chiropractor For Tissue Regeneration Near Me in Sandy, UT. Chiropractic For Better Healing.
Chiropractor For Therapeutic Exercises Near Me in Sandy, UT.
Best Chiropractor Near Me in Sandy, UT. White Bison Well-Being.

Our Mission

We all face challenges in life and we can choose to either face it head on or run away. We invite you to take the first step to healing and face your storm. We are here to support you through the challenging times and find the relief you seek.

What Could Not Fixing This Problem Cost You?

You have two choices, you can move towards health or away from it. We want you to be pain-free and symptom-free so that you can live the vibrant life you were meant to. By optimizing your nervous system and equipping you to make better health decisions, the potential for your future is immeasurable.

Ignoring your health problems can lead to a progression of the condition, making it harder to care for. This doesn’t just increase the costs of your medical bills, it costs you time, energy, and joy. You can lose productive time at work, quality time with family, and miss out on doing the things you want, love, and need to do.

No heartache is worth that, when a natural, non-invasive healing option is available. If you’re searching for a place to feel cared for and supported, we’re here to help you transform your health and your life.

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